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Coco Affaire

Coco Affaire

Coco Affaire: There’s a chocolate for that!

There’s a dark wooden box with drawers in our Brown Room; in it, we keep all our chocolate selections. For the dessert-devotees, we have cream-filled truffles and ganaches galore alongside satisfyingly crunchy cookie center and decadently drenched in a coat of signature single-origin cocoa couvertures. Our fruity collections use real strawberry pieces in the mousse to capture that authentic fragrant berry flavour. Wrapped in a thick layer of high-cocoa butter white chocolate and dotted with crisp meringue pieces, who can say no to the joy of chocolate?

From mellow praline to nutty concoctions, Coco Affaire’s mouth-watering chocolate collection can reach your doorstep pristinely ready to eat with a melt-free delivery. Nepal’s #1 confectionary distributor can bring you award-winning chocolate creations with floral notes of juniper, sealed in intensely deep dark or cozy hugging white creamy mousse sprinkle-coated in cocoa powder. Packaged in classic dark crafts, the result is an unapologetically opulent collection sure to make the recipient feel like royalty.

Whether you need to pair your ladies’ wine nights or sprinkle confectionary delight to a birthday party, Coco Affaire has a chocolate for that occasion — chocolates that are rich and indulgent or cheerful and light. Shower family members, friends, or colleagues with succulent sweetness on their special day with a dramatic display of your thoughtfulness and flair. Fan the flames of abiding passion with a provocative collection featuring intriguing recipes and unexpectedly decadent flavours. Polished heart-shaped exteriors give way to reveal tempting fillings that embody the excitement, mystery, and enchantment of true love. With sophisticated packaging and unparalleled epicurean panache, each gift captures the inherent allure of finest chocolates and is an unforgettable way to say “je t’aime”. Mix and match our assortments for lovely stand-alone gifts or boxes for take-aways.

Whatever the occasion, Coco Affaire has a chocolate for you — an ideal way to explore new flavors, stockpile old favorites, or introduce someone to fine chocolate for the very first time. We bring the world’s most luxurious chocolate bars to create an unparalleled unforgettably flavorful indulgence.